Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dear Annie

Dear Annie, Thank you so much for greeting me with a big giant smile every day when I come home. Often, after my enormous pregnant self works all day, I am cranky and tired. Sometimes, admittedly, I even dread the prospect of having to go through bathtime and bedtime. Instead, I wish that I could wallow alone on the couch with no one else to worry about or take care of and spend the next four hours eating a pint of ben and jerrys and watching crappy mtv reality shows that we no longer get because we cancelled cable. But then, the moment I walk through the door, you turn and greet me with an enormous smile. Usually more than one (thanks for being so generous). You then crinkle up your face, touch your fingers together in that pincer grip wave you've got going on, and crawl towards me. At that point, I instantly recover. Your smiles fortify me. We play, and talk the dog for a walk, and do bathtime, and bedtime, and all is good. This time always ends up being the best part of my day. And it is all because of you! Thanks again. Sincerely, Mama

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Unfinished Dad said...

Hey, I'm a bad blogger/husband. This post is now 7 days old and this is the first time I read it. Your baby and your hubbie love you and every night we can't wait for the moment the front door makes that annoying beep and we get to see your face.