Friday, June 6, 2008

My contributions to the vintage sheet swap


Jacquie said...

All so pretty...I need to get out to some of my local thrifts. I think a quilt from these would be spectacular!

karen barbé said...

Hello Kristen, I was looking through your blog and was so surprised to spot among those vintage sheet samples that yellow floral with pearl gray butterflies!!! My parents used that sheet set for yeaaars, probably from the late 70s. I believe it was bought here in Chile, or at best in Argentina (which was so luxurious at the time). But what surprises me most is to see the actual colours of the print. I remembered it so dull and worn out.

Btw, I came here through the PataPri blog which was featuring your beautiful quilt today.

Take care.

susan said...

hehe i think i got at least two from you then!!