Sunday, June 22, 2008

What We've Been Up to...

We've been busy around here, but have been lazy about posting updates.
  • I sent out my fat quarters for the Oh, Fransson! vintage sheet swap. I ended up having a few extra, so I sent those as well and Elizabeth can distribute them to those less fortunate in the sheet hunting!
  • As a thank you for Elizabeth, I sewed the bottle bag below out of a vintage dishcloth and some fabric from my stash. It came out very cute and was so easy. These would make great Christmas gifts when filled with a bottle of wine. Inside the bag I tucked two vintage aprons that I found when scavenging for vintage sheets. The picture doesn't really do them justice, but they are quite cute.
  • I've been busy working on my quilt for doll quilt swap 4. Because of the baby and the move, I wanted to make sure I was finished nice and early. Below is a sneak peek. I hope it doesn't give to much away! The quilt ended up about 24" x 24." I have finished the patchwork and the quilting. All that is left is the binding, but I've been feeling very indecisive about color choices. Luckily I have some time. These aren't due until the beginning of September.

  • Father's Day! We celebrated Father's Day last weekend. Joe's present came out awesome, and definitely involved some craftiness on my part. I will post on that later this week.


Jacquie said...

You hit the sheet bonanza! Curious about the sneak peek at the doll quilt. Can't wait to see a bit more.

SheltonDHW said...

Kristen - I love my DQS4 quilt! Thank you so much for the work you put into this!