Wednesday, September 3, 2008

NZ or bust.

My sister and her boyfriend recently moved to NZ. Although this was a very sad for me, it did provide me with an excellent crafting opportunity. Before Dani left, she complained that she needed some bags to pack her socks, underwear, and bras in. Dani is super-environmentally concious, so rather than use disposable zip-locs like the rest of us, she preferred something reusable. With this in mind, I whipped up these ditty bags for Dani. Each is labelled with a pictograph showing its contents, making it easy for Dani to locate a clean pair of undies after a long day of travel. Plus, they are so pretty! They definitely glam up her otherwise functional black duffel bags.


DoulaMomma said...

so cute - I'm loving her blog!

Dani said...

They are cute and functional, and every time I put a clean pair of knickers on I think of my big sis.