Friday, September 5, 2008

project sahm day 2

annie has horrific diaper rash. just awful. the kind of diaper rash that looks like third degree burns crossed with poison ivy combined with road rash. in an effort to cure this i let her run around the backyard with no pants on this afternoon. we've done this before. but of course, for the first time, annie pooped without her diaper on today. very difficult to clean poop, hold newborn, and hose down toddler all at same time. *** because of said diaper rash, annie quivered, shook, and screamed at every change today. very sad. brings tears to my eyes. hopefully this will get better tomorrow. *** nothing new with mattie. today she seemed to hate the moby, but her love for the kkafp is going strong. rock on sister, the more time you spend in a carrier the better for everyone. *** i did manage to sew a little today. mattie was asleep in the kkafp and I stood up next to the sewing machine and put the pedal to the metal. got a whole 1/2 hr of fun in before annie woke up.

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