Monday, September 15, 2008

project sahm day 5+6

last friday i was all set to write about how smoothly things were finally going when this happened: oh no, poor annie! annie has been so great about going down the stairs, so now I usually let her "sit and scootch" all the way down, while I walk right next to her. of course this was all well and good until she decided to somersault down the bottom two front steps. poor baby, she tumbled down the concrete step and landed face up, bawling. of course, i have matilda in the sling, so i can barely grab her to see if she's ok. luckily, she suffered surface damage only. annie promptly forgot about the whole thing, while i blamed myself over and over again all day *** day 6... finally, i can write that we had a day that went smoothly. both babies napped nicely this morning and we went to have lunch with joe in the mall. this was my first time out with both babies and it went really well. i wore mattie in the ergo and pushed annie around in the maclaren. it wasn't nearly as bad as i thought!!

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