Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Catch Up. . . Annie's Bedding

These first few posts will be dedicated to past projects, in an effort to try and bring the blog somewhat up to date.

First up, Annie's nursery bedding. I should start by explaning what a crazy pregnant person I was. Crazy actually doesn't even begin to describe me. I was obsessed with being completely and utterly prepared, and for me this included making custom bedding for the baby to come. I was due in late June, and started working on all of this in, um .... May? Didn't leave myself much time, which will explain why I was frantically sewing during the two weeks prior to her birth and during any "spare" time afterwards.

I chose an Alexander Henry apple and pear print in pink and green. To coordinate with this, I bought many, many fabrics, but I ended up using primarily solid pink, solid green, a green polka dot from American Jane Building Blocks, a pink swiss dot, and a mottled pink dotty print. I still have plenty of fabric left over and definitely bought fabric I never used. Making your own bedding is not a time or money saver.

I made a bumper, crib skirt, two throw pillows, and a quilt. I didn't really use a pattern for any of the pieces, but just kind of winged it. A pattern did come with the bumper inserts, which was kind of useful. We ended up not using the bumpers at all and they were a huge pain to make. Because of this, I would never make them again. Consider yourself forewarned if you attempt to make bumpers.

The completed nursery was featured on Apartment Therapy's nursery site,

Here are some pictures:

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kira said...

Found you thru flickr ... oh my goodness! I LOVE THIS ROOM! :) Great job!!!