Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Catching Up . . . Quilt #1

I made this quilt while I was pregnant with Annie, and it is the first quilt that I ever made. I think I finished it in February of 2007.
I bought all of the fabric at purl patchwork in NYC. When I was in law school I often frequented the sister yarn store, but at that time the patchwork store was not yet open. During a trip to the city, Joe and I wandered by and I was totally and completely in love. I made him come inside with me, where I proceeded to spend $100 on fabric with the intention of making a quilt for the baby. Due to his unwavering confidence in me, or perhaps simply a fear of my hormones, Joe didn't even bat an eye as he pulled out the debit card. He did make me promise that I would actually make a quilt.

I had previously bought Kaffe Fassett's Glorious Patchwork and was intent on making one of the quilts in that book. I had originally thought of making this one, but luckily the very kind lady talked me out of that endeavor. Something about my lack of experience. Instead, I chose the Pieced Stripes Quilt. This was a great choice for a first quilt. There was no accurate piecing or cutting requires. Instead, I cut all of the fabric into 4" wide strips, then randomly cut them into shorter pieces using 60 degree angles.

Here is a picture of the quilt in the book, courtesy of

Here are pictures of my quilt:

Um, sorry about the baby that is in the way! I will try to put up better pictures of this quilt later. I wish I had kept track of what fabrics I used in the quilt. I pulled out all sorts of fabrics at purl, and I know there were some Amy Butler, Katie Jump Rope, and Alexander Henry fabrics, but I didn't note the patterns. Oh well.

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